Choosing the Right Badge Clip Type

  • January 29th, 2016

When it comes to securing your organization, there are many factors to consider. What type of ID Cards do you need? Will a magnetic stripe work best for your needs, or should you opt for smart chip technology? Will you need lamination? These are all very important questions that the ID Edge team helps clients solve on a daily basis.badge clips

But an often-overlooked aspect of ID security has to do with choosing the right accessories to hold the ID card. Some companies choose to get plastic badge holders or arm band holders. Others opt for rigid holders. In some cases, however, a badge clip can be a much more appropriate option.

What is a Badge Clip?

A badge clip provides an easy solution for keeping the badge visible, while making it convenient for the wearer to easily attach it to clothing, a badge reel, or even a lanyard.

To hold the ID card in place, a badge clip typically has a clamp on one end, and a clip attachment at the other. The clamp is pushed apart in a similar fashion to a binder clip, and the card is inserted between the grippers. Once the clamp is released, the tension in the grippers presses down on the card and holds it in place.

The clip portion can then be easily attached to a badge reel, or clipped onto clothing.

Benefits of Badge Clips

One of the benefits of using a badge clip is that it eliminates the need for a slot puncher. Typically a card needs to have a hole punched through it, so that it can be attached to a lanyard or a badge reel. Alternatively, it can be inserted into a badge holder that already has an attachment slot.

Sometimes, however, neither of these is a viable option:

  • Card Design: Some cards simply don’t have a design that allows for punching an attachment slot. These situations are common where the visual design needs to convey a lot of information, and creating a slot would remove some of it.
  • Badge Holder Limitations: For certain settings, a badge holder may not be feasible. For example, some organizations deal with very sensitive information, and have many employees. In such settings, a visual inspection of the ID card by security personnel is a daily occurrence. However, a badge holder can impede this process, as the security personnel are typically handed the ID card upon entry into the building or designated areas. The constant need to take the card out from the badge holder can increase inconvenience for employees or personnel, or worse, lead to incomplete inspection of the visual card (like a security guard who sees someone they think is familiar, and decides not to look at the card up close because it’s a hassle to take it out of the holder, and he/she is already having a frustrating day).
  • Physical Safety: In settings like corrections facilities, hospitals and day care centers, a badge clip that attaches to clothing (rather than a lanyard badge clip) is also a safer option, as it will not cause injury to the neck if pulled forcefully. Of course, a breakaway lanyard can be used in such settings, but a badge clip is another secure option.

Metal vs. Plastic Badge Clips

Here at ID Edge we also offer plastic badge clips, which can be highly beneficial in certain settings.

For example, if your organization utilizes metal detectors for access to the building, a plastic badge clip can make things much easier. The personnel can simply walk through the detector without the clip causing a false alarm. Further, this increases safety because the security personnel won’t simply brush off the buzzing of the metal detector as being attributable to the clip itself, making misunderstandings less likely to occur.

Additionally, plastic badge clips are highly valuable in medical settings, where a metal clip could be dangerous. For example, having a metal clip would place undue burden on x-ray and MRI technicians to remember to remove their metal clips in certain areas. Simple human error could lead to equipment damage or to bodily injury. Further, if the staff has to constantly remove their metal badge clips, it will undermine the security of the building.

Choosing the Right Badge Clip

To select the best solution for your organization, please give us a call to discuss your badge clip needs, and the best ways to use them. It’s really amazing how such a small, seemingly inconsequential, accessory can make a huge impact on operations. We know this because we’ve worked with thousands of companies over the years and have gained a deep insight into how even small features can affect interactions between staff members and security, and the organizational habits that can evolve.

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