Clean your EDIsecure XID8300 card printer

  • January 21st, 2013

**Written by ID Printer Systems Experts at ID Edge

In this blog you will be taken through a step by step cleaning of your XID8300 card printer. Its very important that you clean your printer often. As it effects your image quality and the over all performance of the printer. We recommend cleaning your printer every time you change your ribbon. Depending on what what ribbon you have that’s anywhere from 250 images up words of 500 images. Before we start the cleaning lets go over the printer and its different parts we will be handling.

Lets start on the outside of the printer. On the right hand side you will see the input hopper. This is where the blank cards are placed that are to be fed into the printer. The input hopper holds up to 200 standard 30mil PVC cards. On the front of the printer you will see the display screen along with three buttons. This is where we can interact with the printer directly to initiate test cards, cleanings, alignments, and so on. Also on the front we have the front panel (i know. How ironic) but, if you lift up on the latch on the panel it gives you access to the printers internals. We will come back to that part in a bit.

Back on the outside of the printer you will see on the left hand side where the output hopper goes if it’s not already there. This is where the ejected cards are placed once they have been printed. Now looking at the back of the printer you will see all of the different connections available to you. The different connections include USB, Ethernet, and sometimes serial. Now you may only see one of these or all three, it just depends on what you purchased. You will also see where the power plugs into the printer.

Now we can open up the front panel and take a look at the inside of the printer. You will see a big yellow and green cassette, these are what holds the ribbon and transfer film. To remove them simply pinch the tab and pull towards you. The yellow one is the ribbon and the green is the transfer film. You can set these aside. If you look to the upper right of the printer you will see a narrow green piece of plastic, pull this out as this is the cleaning rollers. The purpose of this is to pull any dust off the face of the cards as they enter the printer.

You can set this aside for the time being as we will need to clean it. If you look towards the center of the printer you might see the print head. This is what prints the image onto the transfer film using the ribbon. Since the print head doesn’t come in contact with anything other than the ribbon, it has a lifetime warranty on it. If you look closely along the card path you will be able to see the heating rollers. This is what transfers the image from the film to the card. The roller heats up to a specified temperature and melts the image to the card face. This is how they get true edge to edge printing.

Okay, to start the cleaning make sure that the power to the printer is off. If you haven’t done so yet, lets do it now. Next we will want to get our cleaning supplies out and ready to use. The cleaning kit includes: Cleaning tissues, Cleaning swabs, and Cleaning cards. We will first use the Cleaning tissues. What were doing with the cleaning tissues is wiping down the inside of the printer. Everything you see inside of it, wipe it down. The reasoning behind this is to get any dust that may have gotten into the printer, out. You can also use canned air if you have any.

Now we need to clean the cleaning rollers. Simply that the entire cartridge and run it under water. Scrub the rollers with your hands until they are clean. Please note to not use anything other than water to clean the rollers. Soap and other cleaning supplies will damage the rollers and mess up your cards surface. Set the rollers aside to air dry. Do not insert them back into the printer when they are wet. Next we need to clean the print head.

Take your cleaning swab out of its wrapper, and squeeze the clear tube until you hear a click or a pop. This will release the rubbing alcohol  onto the foam tip. Take the tip and gently rub it along the length of the print head. You only need to do this a few times, maybe 4 or 5 passes. You can discard both the tissues and the swab into the trash as they can only be used once. Once the cleaning rollers are dry you can insert them back into the printer, as the printer will need them to help feed the cleaning card in the next phase.

To clean the card path we will now need to close the front cover and power the printer back on. Leave the ribbon and transfer film out of the printer at this time. Once the printer powers on it will say that it cant find the supplies. This is okay. Press the menu button on the screen and it will open up a user menu. Press it until you see ‘ Cleaning ‘ then press enter. Then it will ask you what you want to clean. The first option should be the rollers. So press enter again, it will ask you if you are ready to clean. This is when we take our cleaning card and remove the protective paper. We will need to insert it where the input hopper is. To make it easier just remove both pieces of the hopper and rest the card with adhesive side up on the roller, then press enter on the menu. the printer will then feed the card into the printer and clean one half of the rollers. When the card ejects, flip it over and repeat the process. You can throw this card away as well.

Insert you supplies back into the printer and your all done! You have just cleaned your XID8300 card printer. If you have any questions or its not going very well. Please call our technicians at 1-800-798-3343 for support. They are manufacturer trained and will be able to assist you with any problem you may run into.

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