Cleaning Kit for Magicard Enduro+/Enduro+ Duo/Rio Pro

  • January 1st, 2019

**This product review was written by the Security cards experts at ID Edge.

Hello everyone!  We are going to continue our review of cleaning supplies for Magicard ID card printers.  We will be discussing the cleaning kit for Magicard Enduro+, Enduro+ Duo, & Rio Pro printers.  It is important to clean your printer with the correct cleaning supplies to make sure it gets cleaned properly.  Printer manufacturers produce cleaning supplies that are intended for use to clean their specific printers.  All card printers are uniquely created to support different purposes and needs.  Each business has different needs for ID systems and printers, and with the extensive variety of card printers, there is sure to be one to fit your business’ needs and preferences.

Before we review the cleaning kit for Magicard Enduro+, Enduro+ Duo, & Rio Pro printers, let us begin by discussing the significance of cleaning your card printer.  First of all, it is important to clean your ID card printer on a regular basis; so it would be helpful to set up a cleaning routine to make sure frequent cleanings are executed.  Cleaning your card printer will ensure it prints high-quality cards.  A clean printer will make sure all the correct information prints on a card.  A card is useless if a photo is not clear, the text is not complete, or a barcode has blotches on it.  The purpose of an ID card is to increase security, but if a card is incomplete, it will be useless and will not be able to fulfill its purpose.  Proper card printer maintenance will improve the quality of the printer.  If the printer functions correctly, it will correctly produce cards.  Another reason for cleaning your card printer often is to protect the longevity of the printer.  If a card printer is well-maintained, it can last for a long time.  You can spend a little money and time cleaning it, or a lot of money repairing it or constantly having to purchase new printers.

Now we will briefly examine the three Magicard printers to understand their key features and benefits.  All of these printers use direct-to-card printing technology to create high-quality cards.  Direct-to-card means the print head will “directly” touch the card to transfer the printer ribbon’s dye onto the surface to produce text, a barcode, and/or an image.  The print head is a critical component of the card printer.  It is responsible for transferring dyes onto a card to create a printed image.  It is especially important to clean the print head often to keep it operating effectively.  The print head can be very expensive to replace, and therefore, should be cleaned frequently to avoid costly repairs.

The Magicard Enduro 3e direct-to-card printer is great for batch printing or producing individual cards.  It has a medium print speed and can even print on rewriteable cards.  It can be upgraded from printing single-sided cards to producing double-sided cards.  It has four HoloKote watermark options, as well as encoding options to increase security and prevent unauthorized card printing.

The Magicard Enduro 3e Duo is a dual-sided, direct-to-card printer that is compact for desktop use and easy storage.  It can print fifty-one dual-sided color cards per hour and two-hundred fifty monochrome cards per hour.  It has many visual security features, including the patented HoloKote watermark to prohibit fraudulent card production and tampering.

The Magicard Rio Pro 360 is a direct-to-card printer with high print speeds and single-or dual-sided printing capabilities.  It can be used for batch printing and has a hand-fed slot for single card printing.  It is easy to use, has many encoding options, and security features for card authentication.

We are ready to review the cleaning kit for Magicard Enduro+, Enduro+ Duo, & Rio Pro printers.  The Magicard Enduro & Rio Pro Cleaning Kit (#3633-0053) comes with ten cleaning cards and one cleaning pen.  It is cost effective to buy cleaning kits because you will have several cleaning tools to clean your entire printer.

The cleaning cards are made for removing dirt, dust, and other debris from a cleaning roller inside the printer.  A cleaning roller will clean a card prior to printing so that it has a smooth and clean surface to accurately print images and text onto a card.  The cleaning cards are inserted into the printer, the same way a blank card is during a printing session, and will travel through the card path to remove debris from the cleaning rollers so they are able to clean blank cards during printing.

The cleaning pen is specifically designed for cleaning the print head.  As we have mentioned before, the print head is the essential component of the printer and MUST be cleaned frequently.  The cleaning pen can clean hard-to-reach areas of the print head where debris is trapped to make sure the print head will continue to function properly.

There is another cleaning supply for Magicard Rio Pro printers.  The Cleaning Roller Kit (#3633-0054) is a pack of five extra cleaning rollers.  As previously described, the cleaning rollers will clean a card prior to printing to make sure it is smooth for accurate image printing.  It is recommended to change the cleaning roller every time you replace a printer ribbon for maximum printer functionality.

Most printer cleaning products use isopropyl alcohol, or commonly known as rubbing alcohol, to get rid of debris build-up inside the printer.  Card printers use a lot of heat during printing, so it is important to let your printer cool off before cleaning it.  Most printers will not even allow you to be in the “cleaning” mode until it has cooled down.  Just to be sure, never use the cleaning products with rubbing alcohol to clean the printer until it has cooled off to avoid a dangerous situation.

Lastly, in addition to the benefits the cleaning kit for Magicard Enduro+, Enduro+ Duo, & Rio Pro printers will provide, ID Edge offers a cleaning and calibration package for the ultimate cleaning experience.  A highly-qualified technician will clean all parts of your printer to ensure it is operating effectively and printing high-quality cards.  Whether you manually clean your printer or have ID Edge do it for you (or both), remember to clean your printer often to maintain its quality and longevity.


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