A Review of the Best Custom Printed Lanyard Ever

  • November 10th, 2012

Today I’ll be covering all of the awesome features of this lanyard. It is used by some of our bigger customers like CenturyLink they love it the reason they love it is a lot of awesome features that it has there are five different things I’ll be telling you about this lanyard today that really set it apart from other lanyards you might get on the market.

First thing you’ll notice looking at this lanyard is that it has a snap on attachment clip at the bottom. This allows you to easily remove your identification for whatever reason. Ideally it would be to scan you and to the building without having to lean over with your lanyard still run your neck something like that. Once you’re done you can easily snap it back on.

The swivel bulldog clip at the bottom is made of metal so that you don’t need to worry about breaking or tearing. It swivels in all different directions for maximum versatility of where you need your badge to reach.

The wheat from the lanyard material is nice and smooth which allows for very high quality printing. Of course this lanyard can be customized with your logo for an extra pop. We can do printing in one color, two color, full-color, whatever you need. We can also print on both sides of the lanyard material.

For safety reasons this lanyard comes equipped with a breakaway attachment at the back of the neck. This means if your lanyard ever gets caught on something, the attachment will snap apart freeing you from the lanyard. This application is great for use in any areas where you might worry about your lanyard catching on something  Such as hospitals, industrial applications, day cares, sports, etc.

If you’d like to see it for yourself, call us today.  We would love to send you a free sample.

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