Printer Maintenance – Annual Cleaning

  • December 31st, 2015

The New Year is here! What’s your resolution? Here at ID Edge, our New Year resolution is to make sure that every customer has a perfectly-functioning ID card printer that prints beautiful, sharp images and doesn’t jam.


How are we going to help you achieve this? By offering our state of the art, deep printer cleaning at a significant discount (and we’ll even pay for the shipping back to you). But more on this later. First, let’s take a look at why an annual deep printer cleaning is so important for your device…

Protect Your Investment

Your ID card printer isn’t just a piece of equipment – it’s an investment in your organizational security. From providing visual identification, to controlling access through magnetic stripes and smart chips; every ID card you print is key to ensuring the safety and security of your visitors and personnel.

Unfortunately, ink residue eventually bakes onto some of the printer parts, and the printing head loses functionality due to buildup of dirt and other residue. Although this is unavoidable, an annual deep printer cleaning can address all of these issues and significantly extend the life of your device.

Think of it like car maintenance; if you get the oil changed regularly, change the filters and get a tune up, your car will run smoothly. Without this maintenance, however, it will start making strange noises and eventually break down. An ID card printer is the same way. That’s why it’s so vital to protect your investment and bring your printer into tip-top condition at least once a year.

What’s Included in an Annual, Deep Printer Cleaning?

An annual printer cleaning goes far above and beyond any upkeep maintenance you can perform in-house. Our highly-experienced, trained technicians take apart your printer and thoroughly clean the various key components to remove caked-on residue and dirt buildup, and check the various mechanisms to ensure proper function. Here are just some of the steps we take:

  • Print Head Cleaning: Proper function of the print head is vital for creating crisp images on the card. To keep your print head working properly, we thoroughly clean it to remove residue and tiny dirt particles.
  • Dust Removal: Our technicians will take apart the printer and remove all the dust build-up inside that can cause mechanisms to jam and components to overheat.
  • Roller Cleaning: No component of the ID card printer is more under-appreciated than the rollers…until the cards start to jam. The rollers are vital because they ensure that the card travels smoothly through all the steps. We clean each roller individually to remove all dirt and residue buildup.
  • Card Path Cleaning: ID card printers are designed with very specific card paths that accommodate the ID card as it goes through the printing process, and therefore must be a perfect fit. Unfortunately, the intense heat of printing can cause dirt and residue to build up along the path, which can lead to jams and printed images to become skewed. Even a millimeter of dirt can wreak havoc on the machine. That’s why our technicians pay special attention to this cleaning step – something that many other companies don’t even address!
  • General Inspection: After all the major parts have been cleaned, we conduct a general inspection of the other printer components, to catch any potential issues. We’ll run several test ID cards through the printer to ensure proper function, and advise you of any components that may need to be replaced ahead of time, to prevent a major breakdown.
  • Calibration: Lastly, our technicians will perform a calibration of the printer to ensure proper settings. Going back to that car tune-up example, a calibration is similar to a wheel alignment; it ensures that all components are running in perfect relation to each other, which increases the quality of the printed cards.

Annual Printer Cleaning Special

To help your organization start the New Year on the right note, we’re offering all of our clients a deep printer cleaning promotion that covers all of the steps outlined above, at a significant discount.

Our regular charge for this cleaning is $150, but for the entire month of January 2016, we’re offering the deep cleaning for just $99. We’ll even pay for Ground shipping back to your office! Don’t wait – take advantage of this promotion to make sure your ID card printer is properly maintained!

Contact us if you have any questions about our annual deep printer cleaning!

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