Ribbons for Magicard Prima 2e and Prima 4

  • February 1st, 2013

**This product review was written by the Access ID Card experts at ID Edge.

Today we will be discussing the types of printer ribbons for Magicard Prima 2e and Prima 4 printers.  Both of these are retransfer ID card printers.  Retransfer printers are more expensive than popular direct-to-card printers, but retransfer offers the highest-quality ID printing available.  They are especially skilled at producing the clearest, most realistic photo images for ID cards.  Having an accurate representation of the cardholder increases visual security on an ID card.  Retransfer printers use reverse thermal transfer technology to print an image onto a card’s surface.  In reverse thermal transfer printing, the image is printed in reverse onto a clear film in high resolution.  The printed film is then heated, and with the right amount of pressure, is applied to the card’s surface.  This process creates a strong bond to keep the image lasting longer.  It ensures the image is applied edge-to-edge to eliminate the border that is unavoidable in direct-to-card printing.  Now that we have a clear understanding of how these printers work, let us examine the ribbons that are compatible in them.

The Magicard Prima 2e has two printer ribbons available to print images onto ID cards.  The first is the Magicard Prima 111/R YMCK Color Ribbon.  This ribbon, like all retransfer printer ribbons, does not come with an overlay panel.  In retransfer printing, there is a lamination ribbon that will print a clear layer to protect the card from scratches or other tampering.  This ribbon will print 1,000 single-sided cards.  It uses the YMC panels to print full-color images or graphics.  The “K” panel is used to print any black text or barcode you may need for your card.  This ribbon is great for printing on magnetic stripe cards that can be used for employee IDs.  Employees can each have an ID card with an accurate picture verifying who they are, as well as their name and a description of their position and department.  The magnetic stripe would store information that would allow the employee to swipe scanners to gain access to the building and restricted areas, as well as a means for clocking in and out.

The other printer ribbon that is compatible in the Magicard Prima 2e printer is the Magicard Prima 112/R YMCKK Color Ribbon.  The additional benefit of this printer ribbon is that it can print dual-sided ID cards in one printing session.  It comes with a second “K” panel to print extra information on the back side of a card.  It uses black resin to print any black text or barcode you may need to add to the back of an ID card.  This is great for printing a cardholder’s agreement onto a card for quick reference without sacrificing the aesthetic of the front of the card.  This ribbon can print 750 double-sided cards, and is great for printing retail loyalty cards.  Loyalty cards are beneficial for increasing profits and turning occasional shoppers into frequent ones.  Loyalty cards, like credit cards, should have an agreement that explains its purpose and restrictions, as well as the responsibilities of both the card holder and the card issuer.  If you have a business and would like to print your own loyalty cards, this ribbon would be a great option for you.

Now we shall go over the three printer ribbons that are compatible in the Magicard Prima 4 retransfer printer.   The first is the Magicard Prima431 YMCK Color Ribbon.  Each roll of this ribbon can print 1,000 single-sided ID cards.  Every card can have full-color images and black text and barcode printed onto the card’s surface.

The Magicard Prima433 YMCKK Color Ribbon can print 750 dual-sided identification cards.  The YMC color panels will print full-color images on the front of the card.  The first “K” panel will print any black text or barcode you may need on the front side of the card, as well.  There is a second “K” panel that will print black text and barcode on the opposite side of an ID card.  Using ribbon that can print text and barcode on the back side of a card is great for printing cards where additional information is needed on the card without having to overwhelm the front side with a lot of words.  Ski resorts can use this ribbon to print high-quality individual season passes that have the card instructions and resort policies printed on the back.  This will inform all cardholders what their responsibilities are and those of the resort.

The last printer ribbon that is available for the Magicard Prima 4 printer is the Magicard Prima434 YMCKUv Color Ribbon.  This ribbon can print 750 dual-sided ID cards.  This ribbon can print full-color images and black text and barcode.  It comes with an additional panel for added security.  The UV panel prints an invisible seal of authenticity that can only be seen under a UV, or florescent, light.  Ribbons with a UV panel are an affordable and easy way to add security to an ID card.  Cards can be scanned under a florescent light, and if it has the seal of authenticity, it verifies that the card is genuine.  This helps prevent illegal reproductions of the card to be made.

In conclusion, Magicard Prima 2e and Prima 4 printers are retransfer ID card printers with several printer ribbon options.  Be sure to clean your printer frequently to ensure it maintains its quality and longevity.  Now that you know what printer ribbons you can use for your printers, go ahead and start printing!

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