Printer Trade In and Recycle Program

tradein-300x300Recycle and upgrade to a new printer and help the planet at the same time!

Chances are if your ID Card or badge printer is 5 or more years old,  you’re wondering what technology exists that’s an improvement over your current system. While the printer itself might getting you by, there are advances in more modern systems that take advantage of better energy usage, better quality consumables, such as cards, ribbons, not to mention improved software to make card production easier and more convenient. It might be time for an upgrade, but did you know you can recycle your printer and upgrade into an improved one at the same time, for greater savings? You can, and while you’ll have a new and improved printer that will get hard to work for you, you’ll also be helping the planet at the same.

ID Edge has maintained a recycling/upgrade program for quite a long time, and our staff can assist you in finding precisely the right printer for your needs, plus take your current printer and put it to use for parts and other repairs we do here. You’ll get a fair trade-in value assessed to your printer, and move into a printer that really suits your needs now. Better yet, printer recycling gives your old printer another life and prevents it from becoming another piece of trash in the landfill.

Give us a call today and let’s talk about your next ID Card or badge printer. Our staff is ready to help, and you’ll be doing your part to keep one more printer from the discard pile. Call or email us for all the details: (800) 798-3343 or

ID Edge is dedicated to helping our customers find the best product for their security needs, and providing the best support possible. With a dedicated staff of professionals, we are available by phone or email to give you the individual attention you deserve.

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