Expiring Visitor Badges

At ID Edge we have a variety of simple and effective expiring visitor badges for your Visitor Management solutions.

These badges feature adhesive backs or clip-on badges which allow for easy attachment. Each badge features a middle liner that prevents the badge’s expiration from being activated accidentally. Simply remove the liner and press the badge together to activate the expiration.

Once expired a series of red lines will be visible on the badge. These lines provide easy visual verification of a badge’s authenticity and validity, making it impossible for guests to reuse a badge. This helps prevent unauthorized reentry and keeps guests from overstaying their welcome.

These badges are the perfect visitor badges for schools, museums, office buildings and more and are available in multiple expiration times (7 Day, 1 Day, Half Day).  Affordable options are available for all budget categories.

To learn more about Expiring Visitor Badges, be sure to Call or Live Chat with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.

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