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Boca Lemur ticket printers come standard with USB, parallel and Serial (RJ12 connector) interfaces. Display, Cutters, Ethernet, Bluetooth and WiFi are available as options. Printer Specifications: All standard models come with the following:

  • Resolution – 200dpi or 300dpi print head (except Lemur-R is 200dpi only); 600dpi is available as a premium option.
  • Software Level – FGL 26
  • Automatic Cutter – NONE (except Lemur-R, which always includes a cutter)
  • Display Screen – NONE
  • Paper Guide – Reverse Adjustable Wide (“RADJW”, aka “standard”) (except Lemur-M and Lemur-R, which have fixed guides)
  • Interfaces – USB, parallel, and serial
  • Vertical Option – Yes Available
  • Internal Media Storage? No

To learn more about the Boca Lemur line of printers, download the Boca Lemur Data Sheet.

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Weight 1 lbs

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