Jolly Tech Lobby Track Software – Premier Edition


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  • Track visitors or any other group of people
  • Pre-register visitors online
  • Perform automatic and immediate background checks
  • Print expiring paper badge or plastic ID card


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Product Description

Jolly Lobby Track Premier Software Details

Jolly Lobby Track Version 8 Premier Edition Software is the advanced solution for organizations with multiple sites or workstations that require a centralized data management package, and need security parameters in place to protect their data and facilities.

  • Track entries and exits with robust tools
    Jolly Lobby Track 8 offers fast and easy registration, particularly when you let a scanner do the work for you! You can use a scanner to scan the information on a driver’s license or government ID. This allows for typo-free data entry because the registrant’s info is auto-populated into the database record. Photo and signature data can also be included. You also can check cardholders in and out by simply scanning the barcode, magstripe or proximity technology on their cards. When a card has been successfully read, Lobby Track displays the cardholder’s record. And with Jolly Lobby Track Premier fully-functional database editor, you can freely add, delete and edit this information.With the Premier Edition, you can tailor the look and feel of your data entry screen: drag and drop record fields into place, change fonts and colors, rename fields, etc. Jolly Lobby Track also allows you to create drop-down lists for fields that have limited options to ensure consistency and eliminate free-for-all entries. For example, create customized drop-down fields for selecting departments, access levels, etc.
  • Register via an unattended kiosk
    Check-in and registration can be made even faster by employing kiosk mode. Kiosk mode allows registrants to perform the process themselves with guided instructions. With Jolly Lobby Track 8, you can additionally set up alerts to be triggered via on-screen or email to notify users of an array of actions, including if a scheduled meeting has been changed.
  • Connect to your cardholder database
    The Premier Edition is highly flexible because it uses an open data architecture. In a few clicks using a wizard, you can maintain live connections to various databases. Link to your employee, visitor and contractor databases, and/or common databases such as Microsoft Access, Excel and text-based files. You can also connect to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and ODBC / OLE. Then, freely add, edit and print records in a snap.
  • Get the detailed reporting you need
    olly Lobby Track 8 features built-in reports, such as Who Is In, Evacuation, Cardholder History, Time & Attendance, and more. You may customize your own logs and reports that can be saved and used again. All logs and reports are both printable and exportable. Use charts and graphs to get a better visual of your data. Charts can be configured by time, date, location and cardholder group, and can be displayed in bar-, stacked- or line-graph form.
  • Create professional-looking credentials
    The Card Designer Center provides a step-by-step setup wizard and a sample design library that will quickly help you get started with your application. Create one- or two-sided designs by simply clicking on design elements to insert and position them on your card. Design elements include text, images, shapes, 1-D or 2-D barcodes, captured signature or fingerprint and magnetic stripes. It can also encode magnetic stripes, read and write smart cards, read proximity cards, read and write MIFARE cards (with a Fargo or Evolis printer), and encode a UHF chip (with a Zebra printer).You can design your cards using layers. Layers can help you better organize the design of your cards and stack objects to create visual appeal. You can configure your design layers to print only if certain database conditions are met. With this feature, you can eliminate the need for multiple card designs. Instead, you can create just one design and set its elements to print only if the conditions you set up are satisfied.
  • Add and edit photos
    Jolly Lobby Track 8 allows you to import and edit your photos and images to your needs. Image files can be inserted in your card design and saved to your database. Photos can easily be acquired from any Microsoft Windows TWAIN- or WIA-compliant camera or scanner during the card issuance process.
  • Centrally manage your application
    Manage all your locations and workstations simultaneously with Jolly Lobby Track 8. Each workstation can be configured to perform certain tasks and be assigned specific groups to process. For example, one workstation can be set up to accomplish registration and badge issuance, while another could handle the check-in process. Jolly Lobby Track 8 also allows you to manage your users, groups and locations via a single “company.” This “company” holds all card designs, database pathways, user rights, logs. This allows for simple administration, configuration and reporting.
  • Includes Jolly Lobby Track Company Server
    The Jolly Lobby Track Company Server manages and protects your data while providing the speed and reliability you need. The Jolly Lobby Track Company SQL Server creates an impenetrable fortress for your data, user accounts, and configuration settings against unauthorized access. Never fret about server crashes or data loading hang-ups, the Lobby Track Company Server ensures business continuity with the utmost level of system availability. The Jolly Company Server has a dependable record of handling large amounts of data and workloads with ease.
  • Set up watch list
    Protect your organization from unwanted visitors (e.g., disgruntled employees, people with active restraining orders, etc.) with the Watch List feature. Each visitor is auto-checked against the watch list. If a match is found, the operator is immediately notified. You can also set up policies to allow or deny access rights to your facilities based on location, day, time and more.

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