HID HDP6600 Single Side Retransfer Printer

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Product Description

Fargo HDP6600 94600 Description

Known for one of the fastest printing speeds and industry leading image quality, the Fargo HDP6600 is a cost-effective solution for all your retransfer printing needs. With the advanced technology of Fargo’s sixth-generation retransfer printer, it is the ideal solution for organizations of any size. The affordable HDP6600 offers photographic-quality images with an increased printing resoltion of 600dpi. Flexibility and versatility of this printer allows the HDP6600 to grow with your needs with the option of multiple upgradable options. Applications that would benefit from Fargo’s HDP6600 printer include healthcare, government, universities, and corporations.

  • High Resolution Printing

    The Fargo HDP6600 printer is available in a 600dpi (23.6 dots/mm) printing resolution. This high-resolution printing permits more vibrant colors, sharper text, crisper barcode egdes, and the ability to portray your brand the way it was meant to be. The built-in Color Assist tool allows you to accurately depict your brands colors with up to 16.7 million matching colors for an exact profile match. Complex characters found in Arabic and Cryllic are easily replicated with the HDP6600. With 600dpi resoultion, your cards portray the photgraphic-like quality they were intended to have.

  • Retransfer Printing

    The leading-edge single-sided printer offers advanced sixth-generation retransfer printing technology. With retransfer printing, your image is printed onto a trasparent film that is thermally bonded to the card. This offers a higher quality image and print resolution and provides true edge-to-edge printing. (Traditional printing leaves a white border around the edge to prevent damage to the printheaed.) Retransfer printing also provides you with an abrasion-resistant card that is more durable due to the protection of the clear film. Combined with 600dpi printing resoltion, the HDP660 offers photograph quality images that keep their original color and last much longer than traditional direct-to-card prints. Since the printhead never touches the card directly with retransfer printing, the need to replace a damaged printhead is nearly absent. In fact, an impressive 3-year manufacturer warranty and lifetime printhead warranty ensures that your printer is covered.

  • Durability and Security

    The film that is printed onto your id card not only provides extra protection and durability, but enhances security functions as well. Since the image is not printed directly onto the card, the retransfer process provides additional security with a tamper-evident film. In the event of a counterfeiter attempting to replicate your card, the image will become destroyed and unuseable if the layers of the card are peeled apart. For added security, a holographic film can be applied to the top of the card, reducing the ability to replicate the cards even more.

  • Heightened Efficiency

    Instant-on iON technology takes the HDP6600 to new levels compared to its predecessors. Simultaneous film printing and card retransfer processes reduce the time it takes to print the first card with only a 60 second wait time. This unique approach can cut your annual wait time up to 20 hours annually and print up to 230 cards per hour. Additionally, the card output hopper and input hopper can easily be upgraded to support 200 cards so you don’t have to worry about refilling your blank cards as often. Another added feature of the HDP6600 is an updated design to better access and service your printer – changing the film for your printer just got easier.

  • Reduced Costs with Eco-Friendly Features

    The HDP6600 is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient printer that is Green Circle® Certified. With the innovative ION technology and smart temperature controls, your printer only stays on when you need it without long heat-up times. These built-in temperature controls regulate the amount of energy and costs that is needed to run your printer – a potential energy savings of thousands of dollars a year.

  • Flexibility with Modular Designs

    Since Fargo’s HDP6600 94600 allows for integration with other HDP6600 products, you can upgrade your printer at any time. Add-ons like 200-card input hoppers, card flattners, and dual-sided printing modules can all be added after your original purchase of your printer – let your printer grow with your needs and budget.

  • Optional – Dual-Sided Printing (upgrade any time)

    The Fargo HDP6600 can be upgraded to a dual-sided printer using a field-upgradable flipper module. This module can be added onto your existing printer at any point in the future. With dual-sided printing, you can add detailed information to your cards such as additional cardholder data, emergency information, or a disclaimer message. You can also duplicate the same content from the front of your ID cards onto the back in order to increase security by ensuring the ID is always visible.

  • Optional – Encoding (upgrade any time)

    The Fargo HDP6600 offers several encoding options, including magnetic stripe, contact or contactless smart card, and proximity card encoding. You can upgrade anytime to magnetic stripe encoding, however smart card or prox card encoding must be added when the printer is originally purchased.

  • Optional – WiFi (upgrade any time)

    To allow remote printer sharing by many users on a network, the Fargo HDP6600 94600 offers standard Ethernet connectivity with an internal print server. For mobile printing, the printer can optionally be wifi-enabled with an HID wireless accessory.

  • Optional – Upgraded Card Hopper (upgrade any time)

    While the HDP6600 comes with a 100-card input hopper, the printer can be upgraded to a 200-card input hopper. This solution adds a great deal of efficiency to large print jobs. The 94600 can also be upgraded to include two separate input hoppers. This solution enables users to print with different types of cards, without the hassle of swapping out cards or hoppers.


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