Nisca CR-151 Printer & PR-L151 Laminator



  • Mid Level Printer
  • Dual Sided Printing
  • 24-bit color
  • Supports XP, Vista, Win 8 (32/64 bits), Win8.1
  • Optional lamination with the PR-L151 laminator.
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Product Description

Nisca PR-C-151 Description

How do you improve on perfection? Nisca officially launched the PR-C151 Dual Sided Direct to Card Printer and the PR-L151 Laminator, which will replace the ever successful PR5350 and PR5302. Although the PR5350 has reached the end of its life, there is no need to worry, because the PR-C151 will continue the same great quality, speed and durability the market has grown to love over the years. The PR-C151 and PR-L151 will be utilizing the same consumables as the PR5350 and PR5302, and many of the specs will stay the same.

Product Features: 

  • Superior print quality
    The Nisca PR-C151 ID card printer dual-sided produces quality prints. Because this printer prints 24-bit images, 256-Grayscale, you can use a small 2 point font on your ID card and it will be legible; plus, each color’s optical density can be adjusted, giving you better control over the color quality of your printed cards. All at an astounding 144 cards/hour *YMCKO!
  • New Body and Hopper Colors
    You will notice is that the entire line of NiSCA Printers will now have the same color scheme in order to look more like a united family of products!
  • Memory Size
    Nisca has increased image memory size from 16MB on the PR5350 to 32MB!
  • Built-in USB and Ethernet
    No need to pay extra for Ethernet.  Both USB & Ethernet is now standard in the new PR-C-151 Printer!
  • ‘Optional’ 10mil Printer
    The PR-C151 will also be able to print on as low as 10mil cards, please call 800-798-3343 for pricing.  (Special order item)
  • ‘Optional’ encoding
    The Nisca PR-C151 is equipped to handle your MIFARE/DESFIRE, iClass, 3-Track ISO Magnetic, or Serial Digion24MIFARE encoding needs.  You can add these as options on your new printer.
  • ‘Optional’ lamination
    The PR-L151 Heat Roller (laminator) is designed to easily attach. The unit offers high-speed lamination for standard CR-80 cards and offers a state-of-the-art RS-422 high-speed communication port interfaces with the printer and allows the printers firmware and driver to optimally configure the unit for a variety of laminate materials. Additionally, multiple PR-L151’s can be attached together and configured with one printer to apply different types of laminate materials to a card. This solution offers the utmost in security and protection for your applications. 1 Year Limited warranty on Laminator.

Additional Information

Encoding Options:

No Encoding, Magnetic Stripe Encoding, USB OMNIKEY 5321 Combination Encoder (MiFARE/DESFIRE_iClass), Serial Digion24 MIFARE encoder (ISO14443 Class A r/W & 125Khz)

Lamination Unit

No Lamination, Softcoat (Thin Film) Lamination – 120v, Hardcoat (Patch) Lamination – 120v


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